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Student Work

Moriwood Hotel - Third Year Degree Group Project (2018)

Moriwood Hotel was a prototype horror puzzler. I was a programmer responsible for creating the games' mechanics such as the character controller, pick-up/throw system, inspect system and inventory. My aim was to design all systems to be easy to expand upon by other team members so we can quickly add new content.

The game earned us a place as finalists in the Big Ideas Wales (2018) 16-24 Entrepreneurial Challenge.

WC-BOO - Second Year Degree Character Model (2017)

For this modelling assignments I was asked to design, model, rig and animate a character.


​Meet WC-B00, a window cleaning droid who went rogue after a workplace accident.  He is confused, scared and dangerous.

B00 was modelled, rigged and animated in Autodesk Maya.  Textures were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Rendered with Marmoset Toolkit.

Classroom to Hell - First Year Degree Project (2016)

The project was split into two assignments.  For the first assignment I was asked to create a game environment set in a classroom using a theme of my choice.  The setting for the room is an abandoned school being used by a cultist.

For the second assignment I was asked to expand upon this room by adding interactivity and waves of enemies.  The room acts as a starting area, containing a portal to hell in which the waves of enemies begin.  Both environments were modelled with Autodesk Maya and programmed with C#.

I did not create the enemies, health/ammo packs and weapons due to time restraints.

Game of Thrones - Final Year BTEC Project (2015)

For the project I was asked to create a first person game level loosely based on the Game of Thrones universe.

The game is set within a series of ice caves 'up north beyond the wall'. The aim of the level is to work your way through the cave system and escape.

The game has partial Xbox 360 controller support, with the exception of menus. I modelled everything apart from the skeleton enemies due to time restraints.