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About Me

Compete with your friends to see who can tap the most dots. But whatever you do, DO NOT TAP THE RED DOTS!


*Warning, very addictive!*



-Fun and addictive gameplay

-Global leaderboards

-Game Center



Dot Tap! (2017)

About Me

Guide Mitch through various levels as he makes his courageous escape, but it won't be easy. Deadly lasers, dangerous platforms and all sorts of space perils block his path, making his escape even more challenging.

Originally I created the game for my little brother to play, but decided to add more levels and release to the Play Store. 

Mitch's Escape! (2016)

Dot Tap! 

Endless Dungeons (formally known as First Person RPG Dungeon) was an early access mobile game I developed as an experiment for the Play Store using Unity.  


In Endless Dungeons, the player explores various dungeons, battles enemies, levels up and finds loot. The game is endless, with random dungeons being chosen per dungeon completion, and each dungeon containing random elements to change the look and feel if encountered again. Development for the game ended in 2016.

Endless Dungeons (2016)

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