Mobile Games

Dot Tap! (2017)

Dot Tap! was a simple game I created to help better learn the features of the Play Store. As part of this process I added leader-boards and achievements for competitive dot tapping.


I also explored 'in game advertising', eventually deciding to use a non-intrusive banner-ad displayed at the bottom of the lose-screen.

Mitch's Escape! (2016)

Mitch's Escape! is a simple platformer I originally created over a couple of evenings for my little brother to play. I later added more levels, reworked the controls for mobile and released to the Play Store. 

My brother was roughly 4 when I created the game, so the design needed to be simple and easy to understand.

Endless Dungeons (2016)

Endless Dungeons (formally known as First Person RPG Dungeon) was an early access mobile game I developed as an experiment for the Play Store using Unity.  


In Endless Dungeons, the player explores various dungeons, battles enemies, levels up and finds loot. The game is endless, with random dungeons being chosen per dungeon completion, and each dungeon containing random elements to change the look and feel if encountered again.

Development for the game ended in 2016, however it is project I would like to revisit one day.

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